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The NLfood Sample Tainer is back again!

27 November 2023

We proudly present our exclusive new Sample Tainers once again. This is a surprise box full of new and fun products. We will send the Sample Tainers directly to our valued customers on a frequent basis. A box that arouses your curiosity every time.

In the past weeks we have already been sending Sample Tainers to some of our customers to take them into the world of Dutch breweries and vineyards. The Sample Tainers are filled with the newest and most refined beers and wines the Netherlands has to offer, like the brand of Dutchlife Beer and J’Adore wines. Perhaps you have been one of the lucky customers?

Our mission? To inspire customers with our new products. The Sample Tainer allows customers to see, hold, smell and most importantly: taste these products! 

Will you be next to receive a Sample Tainer from us? You can always contact our sales team by mail at

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