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Discover the surprising flavours of Long Chips

10 January 2024

On of our customers from the Middle East has now included Long Chips in their assortment. A lot of them, as you can see! 

These long, thin and crispy chips are not like any other kind of chips, because they are deep-fried in oil for only 10 seconds after a careful manufacturing process and they contain no palm oil at all! On top of that, they have a shelf life of one whole year.

Not only are these mashed potato snacks unique in their taste and size, the packaging also looks very appealing.

Whether you like the classic flavours like Grilled Paprika and BBQ, or tend more to the exotic side with Wasabi and Creamy Mushroom; with 13 flavours there is a favourite for everyone!

Want to include Long Chips in your own assortment too? Reach out to our sales team on 

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