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Dutch royals visit importer of NLfood in South Africa

27 November 2023

During our royal couple's state visit to South Africa last month, the strong ties between the two countries were highlighted. During this visit, the diplomatic relationship strengthened and trade relations were prominently featured.

Therefore, a visit to the importer of NLfood, De Soete Inval, could not be skipped!

The royal couple was able to witness the cooperation between NLfood and this local importer in real life. They were able to see how high-quality Dutch products arrive in order to subsequently supply customers throughout the country. All Dutch expats and other interested parties in South Africa, anywhere in the country can enjoy these Dutch delicacies.

Offering Dutch products, ranging from apple sauce and syrup waffles to specific spice mixes, contributes to the feeling of home for the Dutch who are in South Africa.

During this visit in particular, the royal couple was able to see that both the Dutch community and the local population have effortless access to Dutch products. A promising sign that NLfood can achieve even greater growth in South Africa in cooperation with De Soete Inval. 

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